Building on the Gospel Foundation

Building on the Gospel Foundation

The Mennonites of Franklin County, Pennsylvania and Washington County, Maryland 1730-1970

Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite History Series, Volume 42

by Edsel Burdge, Jr. and Samuel L. Horst
Hardcover with jacket
Pages: 928
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Edsel Burdge Jr. and Samuel L. Horst tell the stories of three centuries of faith and life among the Washington County (Md.), and Franklin County (Pa.) Mennonites. From small beginnings in colonial American settlements, issues such as personal spiritual commitment, corporate accountability, nonconformity, and peace have been constants. As questions of language, fashion, work, education, and mission produced internal stresses, they struggle to maintain group unity. This history describes in detail the particulars of that struggle as well as recounting stories illustrative of community life in general.

Fierce Goodbye Living
Fierce Goodbye Living

“A first-rate history of the Mennonites of the Cumberland Valley. Their scholarship is remarkably thorough and deep; their writing is strong, clear, and honest.”
—Edward L. Ayers, Dean of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, University of Virginia

“Building on the Gospel Foundation is an excellent study that can truly be called definitive. It is admirable in its completeness, full documentation, and objective analysis. It is highly recommended for purchase by individuals and libraries.”
—Donald F. Durnbaugh, editor, The Brethren Encyclopedia. archivist, Juniata College

About the Authors

Edsel Burdge Jr., a Franklin County native, currently writes curriculum for Christian Light Education and edits the Concococheague Mennonist, a publication of the Mennonite Historical Association of Cumberland Valley. Samuel L. Horst is emeritus professor of history at Eastern Mennonite University. He is the author of Mennonites in the Confederacy and coauthor of Conscience in Crisis.

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